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We are in search of qualified, talented and motivated professionals to join our team. Our multicultural will enjoy a supportive atmosphere with opportunities for professional development both in-house and by Nacel International School System (NISS). At Saint Paul American School, we place the highest value on our staff community and commit ourselves to developing educators who share our common goals of student success. You will have the opportunity to work with students that are eager to learn and achieve ambitious goals. All the while you'll be living in the exciting and vibrant city of Yangon, Myanmar, and have access to centuries of history, world-class cultural events, and a growing global community.


State-of-the-Art Facilities

We have planned for and prepared the best facilities for our growing community of educators and students. These facilities will foster a positive and healthy environment while providing the best tools and technology for a quality and enduring education.

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    At Saint Paul we encourage inquisitive minds. If you don’t ask the question you won’t find the answers! Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch.

    You will be in touch with our office staff who will collect any and all information to process your visa.
    Please make sure to read and follow directions precisely to avoid any visa delays
    At the time of this publication, the processing time for a work visa is 100 days. This includes:

    • Sending original documents to and from your home country and Myanmar.
    • Successfully completing and submitting a background check.
    • Performing required health checks.

    Remember to be punctual with tasks you must complete on your end as there are several steps to the process.
    *If you don’t live near an embassy, agencies are available to help in the visa process!

    There will be several things you will need to consider before you receive your initial paycheck.


    • Typically, landlords will ask for a 1 month deposit plus the first 3 months’ rent upon signing the contract.
    • Keep in mind, there is an agency fee as well. (see Housing)

    Monthly rent varies upon area – doing some research ahead of time is recommended.

    Basic necessities (bedroom and bathroom items)

    • There are a large variety of basic western necessities available in Yangon at a low cost. If you’re planning on bringing some essentials, please note that there are airline restrictions on many items for either checked or carry-on bags.
      This usually includes weight restrictions, liquids, some electronics – refer to your airline
    • Deodorant and lotions can be difficult to find and is not available in all stores
      Many lotions contain whitening agents.

    Cell phone

    • Obtaining a new SIM card and/or phone is a relatively simple process after arriving
      If you bring your existing phone, be sure it is “unlocked” or free from contract restrictions.
    Packing efficiently will save you a lot of time, money and frustration when you arrive in Yangon. For the most part, you will be able to find most toiletries, OTC medicines, and common household items, such as dishes, towels, etc., here in Myanmar. If you have specific medical needs, make sure to inform your doctor of your intent to move abroad.

    WOMEN: Feminine hygiene products such as tampons, are not readily available in most shops. You can, however, purchase them online or seek out one of the many shops around Yangon that specialize in foreign goods.
    When packing clothes, think essentials. There are hundreds of shopping malls in Yangon with popular brands.

    Yes! Before booking a ticket, do your research on airlines by reading reviews about seats, movies, and airline staff service. Check your airline ahead of time for any and all restrictions.

    Ticket price is directly linked to comfort for many airlines. Also, Invest in a neck-pillow for the long flight from your hometown to Yangon. Not only will this keep you comfortable, but also save you neck from unnecessary strain. During the flight, try to stand up several times in the aisle to stretch your legs and back. This will make your flight as pleasant as possible.

    Try to wear comfortable, durable clothing. Plan for security checkpoints and for long-periods of sitting and waiting. Belts, loose change, hats and portable electronics can be a hassle at security checkpoints. Store nearly everything you will need for the flight in your carry-on bag and have your laptop, if you have one, easily accessible to remove for security checks. The more prepared you are for the on-boarding process in the airport, the smoother the transition will be. Plan for function, not fashion.

    You can contact Saint Paul American School - Yangon ahead of time if you have concerns about getting around at first. We can arrange to pick you up.
    Yes. We provide the housing and apartment to our teachers.
    Having a bank account in Myanmar will allow you to shop online, have local access to funds (without paying international transaction fees), and use debit purchases wherever cards are accepted. It is advised you check with your local bank to see if they cooperate with any banks or ATMS in Myanmar.
    It is not recommended to exchange money at airports as you will pay high commission fees and/or be given a poor rate on the exchange. You can choose to exchange money in the U.S. by ordering Kyats through your local bank. Many larger banks offer this service in America and the process is fast. This is best done ahead of time, before boarding the plane to Yangon.
    Yes. Saint Paul American School - Yangon provides insurance, but it is applicable to local Burmese hospitals. You additionally may choose to individually purchase international insurance applicable to the more expensive international hospitals.
    In your welcome packet, during In-Service, you will receive a list of nearby hospitals you may use for your convenience.